A Hero for Hunter

A dear friend and author once wrote, “To live our dreams means to no longer believe in what is, but to start to believe in what we want.” We could not agree more!

Our son Hunter was diagnosed with Autism at 2 years old, though, we always knew he was quite special! He is such an amazing child, full of energy, and light. He has the most infectious smile, and a laugh that is whole-bodied and radiant! He is a lover of mother earth, big yellow school buses, and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches cut into triangles.  We feel our little guy is a gift and deserves every chance at a bright future, for he has brought so much charm and wonder to ours!

Hunter is mostly non-verbal and always on the go, and boy is he fast! When he hears a door or gate open- it is as if his whole being tells him… “GO!” which makes it hard to take him pretty much everywhere. He struggles with social interaction, and has a tendency and need to wander in an attempt to navigate his special world. Sometimes, he falls so in love with the visual world that surrounds him, it distracts him from danger. He was once so captivated by an attic vent at outside of Grandma Payne’s house that he walked right into her pond! Luckily Mom was there and saw it happen, but in those moments, we really feel that an Autism Service Dog for Hunter could be one of the best investments our family could make! We long for outings with Hunter where we don’t have to strap him in a stroller but rather, see him trotting along with his furry friend beside him. We hope Hunter’s pal will bring peace, safety and companionship, as well as allow for compassion to replace the uneasy stares. We see the awareness the dog would bring- the positive awareness, and all of the possibilities of social interaction the dog would encourage. We daydream that Hunter, in those quiet moments wandering, will see he is always wanted, always loved, and never judged.

Our family has taken on this adventure because we believe in our hearts that an Autism Service Dog would be the best gift we could give our son right now and love that you have taken the time to stop by. Thank you for any support you may give towards bringing home Hunter’s Good Dog!


With Sincere Thanks and Smiles,

Dustin, Tamara, Kilee and Hunter


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