Strummin' Fur Armen

At 7 years old Armen is very self-sufficient. When he wants your iPhone, he finds a way to get it. When he wants watermelon, he rolls it off the counter so it cracks open. When he wanted to go home during school, he runs a mile to a busy expressway by himself before a good samaritan stops him from crossing the freeway on-ramp…

Armen is a sweet, smart, devilish boy who knows what he wants. His favorite things in this world are the “Cars” movies, anything to do with the planets, and taking pictures and videos with an iPhone or iPad. He also loves to RUN. Part of his self-sufficient behavior is a direct result of his autism – he would rather try to do something himself than have to communicate with anyone for help. This has turned into a dangerous habit. For example, he tries to leave the house alone to go to the park, or walk to a friend’s house to play. Our house is lovingly referred to as “Fort Knox” and “Alcatraz” and guests always jump at the sound of alarms going off when they open a door. Unfortunately, the truth is that we avoid going out in public both because of his tendency to escape (this is called “elopement”) and his odd behaviors that attract negative attention and are exhausting to avoid/control. A Good Dog Autism Companion would provide an added safety measure as well as hold the power to turn negative public outings into enjoyable and non-eventful experiences. Autism has ravaged our family, but we make the best of everything we have. We’re hoping a service dog can help bring some much needed calm and joy to our family as well as awareness and understanding to the public.



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